Friday, November 13, 2009

Lyme Barn

So this was a while ago, I want to say last Fall- yes because the clients were trying to get in the house be Thanksgiving (which never happened). They could have moved into the barn we raised- it was done in a couple of months!
This was a cool frame- designed as a workshop and storage for sailboats, wide clearance in the main bays and a long saltbox on the North side. A great example of metal roofing- cut to fit exactly in the factory- so no waste on the site. Powder coated and very strong- I think the guarantee is for 30 years but that is just because the product in this form hasn't been around very long. A nice no worry roof that installs quickly (we did this in a day and half- paper, strapped and metal screwed down by 3 guys) and is very durable.

Aside from the wood scrap (a lot of which we brought home to be repurposed) this was the 'dumpster' from the job site. Everything else was recycled or put aside to be burned in the yard for the winter job coming up.

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