Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pizza Hut

The other spring project I had this year was also in Bloomfield. The frame I had put out in the front yard was the best advertisement I could have done- both of the the small projects I had this spring came from that frame. Another neighbor came by and wanted to design a timberframe to go over an outdoor pizza oven. We came up with this- and eventually we will roof it with cedar shake and build a cob oven underneath it.

White oak posts and a 6 pitch roof to fit under the overhanging hemlocks near the driveway.

This joint on the end rafters was a little puzzling but actually pretty straightforward to cut--

A family raising--

Most of the work was done in June- 26 of 30 days were raining and there were a lot of tarps involved--

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GrandmaMaier said...

I must remember to check your open building blog more often. Keep up the good work. The pictures look like such precise timbers.