Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Shed Envy

Thats what my brother Bill said all the neighbors would have when we were done with his new timberframe shed (poolhouse? gazebo? hot tub enclosure?) Though he wanted something small to store his lawnmower in, I convinced him to go a little bigger (10'x12') because you never can have too much storage right? 
I cut the frame in CT over the break and rented a moving truck to bring it all down to NJ where my brothers Bill and Jim and their neighbor Dave helped put it together. We were actually pretty lucky with the weather; it was cold but at least it wasn't snowing or raining. 

Dave and Jim on seperate missions-

The floor framing-

A cold but clear workshop-

Next time we'll have five posts and get Tom and Larry to come help-
Cole and Matthew actually helped put this wall up by guiding the stub tenons on the bottoms of the posts-

My mini-king post layout-

I cut alot of the rafters and all of the braces on Saturday as we raised it-

We finished about 630 at night and Bill got out the spotlights to show off our day's work-


Dorothy Gould said...

very nice! how neat to see my talented brothers working together, brings a tear to my eye....

your sentimental sis

Chris Rank said...

I can't imagine how cold your hands must be.

Dogwood Girl said...

Totally cool! Good job, guys.

LarryM said...

Nice job, Mike ! When I need a shed, I know who to contract ! Maybe get all the brothers to help - perhaps in warmer weather ....