Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cold Lake frame

This past weekend we put up the frame we have been cutting for the last couple of weeks; a small 2 bedroom house on Crystal Lake- or as Bobby likes to call it 'Ice Station Zero'. The wind off the lake made the site prep week a little chilly but it is a really nice spot- we even saw a bald eagle pair (adult and juvenile) fishing in the lake one day. The raising went really well despite the low temps and there was a great crowd of about 50 that had the whole structure up in about 6 hours!

Here is the site the week before raising with 3 bents assembled and waiting.

The coolest feature of the house for me was the timber framed dormer (designed and executed by Brendan) that involved a bunch of compound angles even thought the roof was a 12/12 pitch. 
Here is the top of the bent 2 post that will catch a connecting girt, a valley beam, a common rafter, and the dormer gable rafters. 

I didn't get any shots the day of the raising because it was so cold and we were so busy but here is the raised frame- 

Second story with arched braces between queen posts that carry the purlin plates...

Valley beams seated- 

What the post looks like after all the connections are made-

View across the lake-


Chris Rank said...

holy freaking cow

Mike Maier said...

thanks chris- that is the reaction we look for!

Bill Maier said...

Mike - that really looks cool -ha - pun intended. The house really looks great - looking forward to the shed project!